Corporate Team Building

Your Corporate Team Building event will bring your staff closer together in a safe and appropriate environment!

Sushi Confidential by Sushi Randy provides corporate team building events for San Jose and Silicon Valley's Fortune 500 businesses.

The event will begin with an educational seminar covering the following topics: history of sushi, sustainable sushi and aquaculture, types of fish found at the sushi bar, mercury levels, and other interesting facts about sushi.

We will then break up into smaller teams to start preparing the ingredients for the rolls. Each team will have their own professional sushi chef to teach and guide them along the way. Each team will design a large sushi platter and submit it for the contest.

At the end, we will all enjoy the rolls that each team made. Participants will also leave with to go boxes fully equipped with soy sauce, wasabi, ginger, chop sticks, and their own hand made sushi to enjoy with their friends and family.

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