Sushi Confidential Catering

Let us bring the delicious tastes of Sushi Confidential to your next party or event! We built our loyal sushi following on our amazing catering. At Sushi Confidential we have perfected the sushi catering experience!

We offer 5 basic types of catering!
1. Catered sushi platters and teriyaki trays
2. House Dinner Parties with an onsite sushi chef
3. Corporate Catering (Delivery, Staffed, Food, Alcohol)
4. Sushi Making Classes
5. Corporate Team Building

With our CATERED PLATTER service, we can customize sushi platters and teriyaki hot food trays and deliver them to the location of your event.

Our HOUSE DINNER PARTIES are a great way to host an event in your own home, without doing all of the work! A sushi chef and server will transform your kitchen into a sushi bar and help server your guests throughout the event. We will create a menu specific for you and your guests that everyone will enjoy.

Our CORPORATE CATERING services are the best in the bay area. This is perfect for your company lunch, Happy Hour, or special event. We will provide fresh sushi trays and hot dishes such as edamame, teriyaki, gyoza, and stir fry. All items are labeled and we even cater to those that have dietary restrictions such as gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, or shellfish allergies.

SUSHI MAKING CLASSES are a perfect way to spend time with your friends in a fun and exciting environment! Our experienced sushi chefs will teach the class all of the secrets to make the perfect sushi roll. We teach classes for all ages, whether its for a 6 year old birthday or a 20 year wedding anniversary. The best part is, you get to eat all of your rolls after the class.

A company favorite is our CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING events that challenge your colleagues to make award winning sushi platters in an iron chef style competition! We will break your group into teams and they will learn how to make sushi and design sushi platters. The platters will be judged on presentation, creativity, and flavor. Don't miss out on the opportunity to show your colleagues your sushi making skills!

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Catered Sushi Platters

Sushi [Confidential] has 3 sizes of platters that we offer for takeout occasion and Catered Platters; Small, Medium, and Large. They range from 40-108 pieces of sushi. All platters come with soy sauce, wasabi, ginger, and chopsticks.

Small Platter (12 inch platter) - 40 pc feeds 5 - 10Classic Roll Platter $46
16 pc California
8 pc Spicy Tuna
8 pc Shrimp Tempura
8 pc Philidelphia

Classic/Signature Combo Platter $65
8 pc California
8 pc Shrimp Tempura
8 pc Spicy Tuna
8 pc Geisha Girl
8 pc Shishito Kamikaze

Medium Platter (16 inch platter) - 80 pc feeds 10-20 Classic Roll Platter $92
16 pc California
16 pc Spicy Tuna
16 pc Shrimp Tempura
16 pc Philidelphia
16 pc Cabo Conspiracy

Classic/Signature Combo Platter $121
16 pc California
16 pc Cabo Conspiracy
16 pc Spicy Tuna
16 pc Geisha Girl
16 pc Shishito Kamikaze

Large Platter (18 inch platter) - 108 pc feeds 20 - 25Classic Roll Platter $132
24 pc California
24 pc Spicy Tuna
24 pc Shrimp Tempura
24 pc Philidelphia
16 pc Cabo Conspiracy

Classic/Signature Combo Platter $175
24 pc California
16 pc Cabo Conspiracy
16 pc Spicy Tuna
16 pc Geisha Girl
16 pc Shishito Kamikaze
16 pc Spy vs Spy

House Dinner Parties

Our Hosted Catering Service is a more elaborate service. We will create anything on our menu for your party or event and Sushi Confidential Sushi chefs will be on hand at your location.

Hosted Catering is perfect for:

- A wedding or anniversary
- A Holiday party
- A company event
- Any event where you require amazing food and service

Corporate Catering

Our Corporate Catering entails a long term account wherein we will regularly provide your office or ongoing event with fresh delicious sushi!

Corporate Catering is perfect for:

- Staff Meetings or Board Meetings
- Catered Lunch for Entertaining Clients
- A Holiday party
- A company event
- Ongoing Company lunches
- Any event where you require amazing food and service

Sushi Making Classes

Our Sushi Making Classes are a fun way to learn something new and then eat what you make. This is a hands-on class where students will be able to learn the art of making sushi from start to finish.  First you will learn how to make sushi rice, then cut vegetables and fish and finally designing and making the rolls.  At the end, the group will all sit down and eat our creations!

Sushi Making classes are ideal for:

- A group of friends getting together
- A co-worker event
- An individual looking to have fun
- An anniversary or a birthday party
- A date with a special someone

Corporate Team Building

Our Corporate Team Building will bring your staff closer together in a safe and appropriate environment.

The event will begin with an educational seminar covering the following topics: history of sushi, sustainable sushi and aquaculture, types of fish found at the sushi bar, mercury levels, and other interesting facts about sushi. We will then break up into smaller teams to start preparing the ingredients for the rolls. Each team will have their own professional sushi chef to teach and guide them along the way. Each team will design a large sushi platter and submit it for the contest. At the end, we will all enjoy the rolls that each team made. Participants will also leave with to go boxes fully equipped with soy sauce, wasabi, ginger, chop sticks, and their own hand made sushi to enjoy with their friends and family.

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Sushi Classes

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